TRASEA ferry seating for 3 passenger ferries in Malaysia


The Ferry Service provide main ferry service between island with mainland and probably has the fastest ferry among other operators in their region.

The ferry service company first approached TRASEA in the year 2013 for the refurbishing the fast ferry with 271 passengers seats.After discussing the design,construction,material and other details of the ferry seating through emails. The ship owner found out TRASEA ferry seating surpass their previous supplier in terms of quality,designing ,and weight. 

TRASEA was awarded to manufacture 271 seats for one of their fast ferries.This certain ferry was fitted TRASEA TRA-02 type with fire retardant fabric. The vessel has now been in service for 4 years the seats are still in very good condition.

The success of the first cooperation demonstrates our unrivalled skills base and competiveness in the fast ferry seating market. in 2016. TRASEA was named by the client as the supplier of seating for another two passenger ferries,total 1167 passenger seats 

This time, the boss want to upgrade their ferry seating and select TRA-03 for these two vessels. TRA-03 high back definitely give passenger more comfort with back,shoulder,neck,head supported.

The boss tend to take TRASEA as their solid ferry seating supplier. they came over to visit us in the summer of 2016. Due to their busy schedule , they only stay one day in our factory. After a brief inspection of the our plants and careful discussion about the ferry seating arrangement the two companies finalize a contract of 1167pcs seats right away

After 3 months production,1167pcs ferry seating was successfully on time and on budget delivered to Malaysia in August 2016. LFS benefit from TRASEA's experience and profession. this value cooperation will definitely trigger more and more contract in the near future said by LFS Boss Mr.Ooi 

TRASEA are always committed to ensure the best quality product and service. TRASEA teammate will strive to continuously upgrade the skills and ability to serve more and more clients in ferry industry.


Ferry Seating for Langkawi Ferry Service

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